What is a Legacy? 

A Legacy cements your life's work to benefit future generations creating something greater than yourself - living on forever. 

With real estate being most individual's greatest financial asset, my mission is to build generational wealth one family at a time. 


My "Why"

As a first generation born son of immigrants, I understand the need to establish a name and reputation for future children and thus create generational wealth through investment. Prior to becoming a broker, I invested in real estate and quickly learned why 90% of high net worth individuals earned and maintained their wealth through some form of real estate. 


I strive to deliver knowledge and information to all, whether it be a single family primary home or multifamily investment, there is no job too small nor big.

Being part of a network of the worlds most respected agents, I pride myself on providing for clients across all states with anything from rentals to purchases and everything in between.

Whether you're looking for a vacation home or investment property, I ensure all my client's needs will be met by providing knowledgable information as to how real estate creates wealth.